Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Job Brady!

Brady was doing some painting for our landlord and she asked him if he wanted to take this chair she had in storage. He call and described it to me and I screamed YES ! So this is what he brought home to me! It is perfect!!! Good Job B!

Oh ya I wanted to show this to. This is the new bedding I got for Christmas, I love it! It looks really good with my bedroom furniture

My weekend finds

I wake up Saturday happy knowing that my check is has been deposited into my account so I get ready and I am out the door going to scavenge for crafts at a good deal. I went to Roberts and got a few misc. things i got some magnets that were on sale for a $0.99. And a few Christmas clearance stuff.

I hit hobby lobby ( big trouble) I could not help my self!
I found these wood things ( for lack of better words) but they are great cause a quick coat of spray paint and they ready to go. $1.99 each

Then I found these bag of feathers for $1.99 it does not get any better.

Then I stopped at Walmart for a quick stop for some things for the house and I found these. They are Christmas ornaments that were on clearance for $0.25. They made way cute magnets!

But did I stop there.... NOPE!
I was on my way home and I heard a little voice in my head saying.. "Provo Craft.. Provo Craft.."
And this is what I found. Oh ya and when I said it does not get any better well IT DID.
The little chipboard cut outs were $0.75! And the eggs were $0.90- i though they would be way cute with some scrapbook paper over them.

And these stars were like $0.35, $.045, and $0.90. And I spray painted them black and distressed the edges and these are them.

I found this birdcage for $7.00!
Last but not least this little bitty hammer it is perfect for my crafts from the dollar store. $1.00 of course.
Oh ya here are a few magnets I made from some of the stuff I found from that day. I almost forgot the flurdelise wood pieces I got all 4 for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I did it!!

Ok so one day I was at work when Alyssa introduced my to this blog Shanty 2 Chic. And I fell in LOVE!!!! I wanted to do everything they had done. So I go to Hobby Lobby and get all my supplies. And off I was going to build me some apothacary jars! YEAH!!! So here is the finished product, I am pretty proud of how they turned out.

Oh ya and my new choice of drug is HOBBY LOBBY. I could walk around that store for hours and hours. I could even live there for the rest of my life. They have everything you could ever want and then some. And the best part of all most of the stuff I bought was on sale!!! AWWW I think I have died and gone to crafters heaven......

My Boys

My dogs are pretty cute I must admit. Tech loves his little hoodie and Paisley loves his socks. They are both really good boys and they make us laugh. Here are a few pictures of them. I love them. :)

This is my favorite picture of Pas

And this is a favorite picture of muff

Oh ya and I can't forget my big boy, I love him to.