Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I have been stewing over this since last night. So Brady tells his dad that he has decided to go into the reserves because this is something that he wants to do. And it will allow him to become a police officer, which is something that Brady really wants to be. The reserves will give Brady money to join and will give him all the training and education he will need to go straight into being a cop. And Brady has been very excited about this whole thing, he is studying really hard to get his GED. Now it is a big surprise to see him doing this because he has said for the past year and a half that he wants to get his GED. SO that is how I know he is really passionate about doing this, because he has been at school for the past 2 weeks studying for the test. So his dad last night tells him that he does not think that is a good idea and that it is a big commitment, and he is not sure Brady has thought it through. I could tell when he got of the phone that his spirits were down. He has had me and a few other people tell him that we are extremely proud of him. Ok ok hold on I actually need to back up and start from the beginning......

Brady called his Dad to see what the plans were for the weekend, because Chuck wanted Brady to get a hunting permit and go hunting. Now I had no idea but you have to get a tag like 6 months in advanced. So Brady does, and he calls his dad to see what they were doing for the weekend, and to see if he could eat with them and just give them some money to cover, because funds for us are a little tight right now and I know it kills Brady to ask his dad for help. Well Chuck decides that Chris (Brady's step-mother) is way to over whelmed already because they are taking Brady's sister's kids camping to. And that would just be to much!!! Oh my I was so pissed!!!! I am sure Brady is not that big of a responsibility!!! I guess I am just spoiled because my parents always include me and Brady in everything. And Cindy ( Brady's mom) has done that to she will just include us when it comes to family things like that. I felt so bad for B here he is trying to go do things with his dad and he treats him like his is a big inconvenience. The more I see how Brady gets treated by his family makes me understand so much more why he is like he is. Brady is always saying that he feels more comfortable asking my family for help or anything. I just understand more and more when I see these things first hand, Brady really does care a lot for people, but he just doesn't know how to act when he gets it back some times.

Well I am very proud of him and love him a lot, my lil misunderstood B!! I always got yo back :)

Friday, October 9, 2009


Ok well I first must admit that I am not the best blogger... I forget that I even have one sometimes. But here is a new one for you all.

I love the fall I think it is one of my most favorite seasons, I love the colors , the crisp air, and throwing on a hoodie when it gets a little chilly!!! I can bust out my hot chocolate and enjoy watching movies a little more.

I love to decorate and create things to decorate with.
I love Halloween!!! I LOVE LOVE decorating for it. Here is a new things I have put up/ done so
No I didn't make the witch but i love her!!! I did do the trick or treat, the candles, wreath, and picture frame. I love the "spooky cloth!" It was $3.00 and Walmart!! I almost died!

Ok now you can look at the pictures!!!

Enjoy :)