Monday, March 1, 2010

My D.I. Designs

SoI have been a huge fan of the D.I. lately. If you go and dive in a look around you can find some great stuff. Here are a few fab finds.
I got the cute clock, old books, and this awesome suit case!
And I made this way cute mail and key holder
It started out as just a wood shutter that said something like "Teddy Bear Time" and a porclein teddy was attached to it.
So I broke off teddy, painted it black, and added cute litte hooks for my keys... and this is it!!
And here is my new table center piece. It started as a chess board like this

I took the top chess part off and added little legs...

And got some gold candle holders and what look like mini wine glasses.
Well I painted the gold black and frosted the top of the mini glasses...
And TA-DA this is the result.
I thought it turned out nice :)


  1. I love the chess board!!! It looks great. I also still love your mail sorter/key hook. Seriously, brilliant.

  2. You have an eye for design, love all the things you make. And Thanks so much for coming with Brady yesterday, I loved visiting with ya. Brady has been my lifesaver. All that he is doing have been on my want list for at least five years. I'm so excited can't wait till its' all done!!!!!!!
    LOVE BOTH of a WAY LOTS :0) :0)