Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had such a good reponse about the kitties, and they all have found new homes. Sorry if you did not get one... :(

Monday, April 13, 2009

They are ready to go

We had this cat that was abandoned well we thought it was a boy but we were corrected when one day I realized that she was prego... So on Febuary 23rd they were born. 4 lil kitties! So now they are at that point where they can leave their mom and go to new homes. They are doing big kitty things now. The mom would like a new home too, we just took her in for the babies.

Easter Weekend

I had the best Easter weekend!!!! Well on Saturday I went out with my mom and sisters-shay and kenadie, and we went to a shoe party oh it was the best!!! All shoes were $10 and on top of that if you bought 3 you got 1 for free!!! Can you believe it!!!! I found some way cute and fun shoes, but my mom she got 7 new pairs of shoes!!! She looks really cute in all of them. We got a lot of the same styles... ( better pic coming soon.)

Then I went and did Easter shopping ( I know, I am such a procrastinator). But I found some
way cute stuff.I bought Brady a way cute Easter outfit...

And Muffins got a new bed and a cookie....

On Sunday we hung out and cleaned and did a little gardening, the weather was great!!!

Everyone seemed to love it especially muffins he was soaking up the sun.

Then we got ready and went up to my parents house for dinner, it was so good as usual thanks to my mom, she really does make the best food!!! It was fun my grandma and grandpa came up and we all ate dinner and dessert! It was such a good Easter weekend!