Monday, May 18, 2009


So I have not been able to write for a while because I have real busy with work and other things. So my mother-in-law is getting married to one of my families friends. I have know him for a good 9+ years his name is Marlin. They are good for eachother. And after just 3 weeks of knowing eachother they were engaged! So now I have been offically delcared her wedding planner! I am having fun but it is crazy she is wanting june 4th for her wedding day so we have tons to do! We have the centerpieces and decorations done. But there is a bunch of stuff she is wanting and not that much time to do it! And then on top of that it is mine and Brady's anniversary oh boy!! But i like doing the planning it is fun. I am maybe thinking of doing it for a job LOL. Weddings on a budget- by Brittney Simpson! That has a great ring to it! HA HAHA HA Well I will put some pics up of something. :)